The family of painters Van Vlaardingen established themselves shortly after the Second World War in het Gooi. They often painted nature, and often painted in nature. In the wider environment of Hilversum, Kortenhoef, Laren, Soest, het Vechtgebied, Loosdrecht and the forests of the Lage Vuursche, they found inspiration for the creation of beautiful landscape paintings. The importance of this area in the history of Dutch painting is well known. It is no surprise that when searching for a place of unspoilt nature, many artists over the years have chosen this area.

The year 2008 was the 100th anniversary of the time that Derk van Vlaardingen, the founding father of the family of painters, decided to dedicate himself entirely to painting. To mark this anniversary, the book "100 years of Van Vlaardingen painters" was published.

Derk van Vlaardingen
Herfst in de Lage Vuursche (Autumn in the Lage Vuursche)
75x100cm, oil on canvas